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Kristan Winand, Designer, GIA Graduate Gemologist, Independent Jewelry Appraiser


Thank you for visiting Kristan Winand Designs.

I have always had a passion for design, jewelry and nature. 

My journey, education and values have shaped my standards and practices as I create with materials that are ethically sourced and always influenced by the natural world.


I find my inspiration comes from the intricate details Mother Nature provides, most often in those beautiful leaves and flowers in the forest and in my garden. My Graduate Gemologist Degree from the Gemological Institute of America, (GIA) gives me the ability to identify gemstones and to confirm the quality and authenticity of my raw materials. I also appraise fine jewelry. To learn more about my appraisal services visit: Owl Valley Appraisals. (see link below) Today, as I observe the many negative impacts the jewelry industry can have on the environment and humanity, I find it extremely important to source metals and gemstones in the most ethical way. It is important to me to use either recycled gold and silver or fine metals that can be traced to where the material was mined. Knowing where it was mined allows me to make sure I support mining locations which support their surrounding communities and who take environmental protection actions, returning the mined Earth to natural habitat when it has been exhausted. The same goes with the gemstones I use in my work. I make sure to purchase from sellers who know exactly where the gemstones were mined, some even know the name of the person who pulled it from the ground. I will always do my best to source my materials in this way, and I will continue to research new ways to be more sustainable and ethically-minded as time progresses.

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